SLS Powder Recycling

Rapid Powders upcycle waste nylon PA12 and PA11 glass filled powders used in the 3D SLS printing process. As much as 40% of the virgin powder used in each SLS cycle can be discarded to landfill. This waste can now be recycled and returned for reuse by the contractor as a virgin powder replacement, using our patent pending SLS upcycling process. A proportion of virgin powder is added in the normal way to make up for the material removed as finished parts.

Components manufactured using upcycled nylon powders have a comparable surface finish and part accuracy, with at least the same – and often improved – mechanical properties, compared to those for new powders.

SLS powders for 3D printing are expensive and come at a high commercial and high environmental cost. There’s a considerable cost benefit in recycling SLS waste powder and using upcycled PA12 or PA11 nylon SLS powders, when compared to buying new. Our clients have saved as much as 40% on materials costs for one SLS process cycle, and the resultant waste can be recycled and reused multiple times.

  • Save money, use upcycled SLS Nylon powders.
  • Minimise impact of microplastics going straight to landfill.
  • Take a more environmentally friendly approach to 3D SLS printing.
  • Quick delivery, ex-works UK.
  • Improve your green credentials, and those of your clients.
  • Cut back on importing complexities and exchange rate variables.
  • Offer 3D SLS prototype and low volume components created from reused SLS Nylon powders.

How does it work?

Store your SLS waste, until you have 25kg (our minimum processing volume) and arrange for collection.
We can collect or arrange transport to our premises in central England.
The powder is recorded, tracked, recycled, processed, quality assured and packed for transport.
Dependent on volume, the upcycled powder is dispatched and ready to reuse in your SLS process, within 7-10 working days.

SLS Powder Recycling FAQs

Rates vary dependent on volume and regularity. Please contact us to outline your requirements and we will provide a quotation.

Dependent on volume, your SLS powder can be upcycled and returned to you within 7-10 working days.

There is no loss of structural crispness and integrity, but colouration does occur and gets progressively darker with each re-use. 40% of parts produced by the SLS 3D print process are subsequently dyed, painted or not visible in the finished assembled product. We’ve found customers are not put off by this, and clients have appreciated the colouration of a sintered part as a sign that a part is the product of recycling and demonstrative of their commitment to the environment.

No, each batch is carefully labelled and tracked throughout this closed-loop recycling process.

Tests have shown that the SLS powder can be recycled upcycled several times with negligible impact on properties.

Yes, in order to replace the material taken out as parts, which is typically 10 to 15%.

Less than 1% of the powder is lost in the recycling process.

Yes we are happy to supply trial quantities of upcycled powders. Please contact us for details.

Minimum quantity is 25kg and would be returned within 7 working days. There are discounts for increasing quantities of powder processed using our process. We can handle tonnage quantities.