Rapid Powders

Our innovative approach uses technology adopted from other industries to economically produce polymer powders with dispersions of functional materials, such as metals, ceramics and carbons.

Applications include, additive layer manufacturing used in 3D printing, packaging, electrically conducting polymers, thermally conducting polymers, pigments and many others. We can rapidly produce small batches for test and have a flexible approach to scale up.

Rapid Powders
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Upcycling SLS waste

SLS powder recycling for reuse is a patent pending Rapid Powders innovation developed over seven years and is now available commercially. Rapid Powders recycle the waste Nylon PA12 and PA6 SLS powders, resultant from the SLS 3D printing process, and prevent it ending up in landfill. The upcycled powders are supplied rapidly back to the originator and perform just like virgin powders.

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