About Rapid Powders

Rapid Powders Ltd was formed in September 2014 to capitalise on novel technology to produce composite powder material solutions. Rapid Powders developed and now operate a Selective Laser Sintering SLS PA11 and PA12 powder recycling and return service. Every day, Rapid Powders are reducing the amount of waste powder that goes straight to landfill, by providing a UK-based, SLS upcycling service which not only increases green credentials, but also saves end users time and money.

The patent protected IPR developed by Rapid Powders, presents many opportunities in a variety of market applications. Currently, Rapid Powders are investigating and developing solutions for Additive Manufacturing AM, extrusion and rocket propellant industries and are leading a consortium to develop novel conductive polymers for Lithium-Ion Battery applications for Electric Vehicles.

Founding directors, Dr David J Field and Ian Balchin, lead the company in researching, developing and practically applying advanced material technology. They have a proven track record in progressing projects from scientific innovation, to productive application, having led three Innovate UK grant funded projects and acted as leading subcontractor on one other. Rapid Powders partner with university research departments and industry operators, to develop solutions that positively impact business and the environment.

Meet the team

Dr David J Field

With a degree in Metallurgy and a PhD in Materials Science from Imperial College, David is also a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. Specialising in commercialisation of technology, in his company Advanced Materials Solutions Ltd, David has worked as either Interim Technical or Commercial Manager, for several micro to large SMEs. David’s superpower is the characterisation of materials using Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM, and Transmission Electron Microscopy TEM. His love of microscopy is second only to his love of his Irish Terrier Niamh and of course, his wife‘s Whippet, Hazel.

Ian Balkin

Ian Balchin

An inventor on four published patents, with a degree in chemistry with economics. Ian uses his wealth of experience in business and investment connections, to commercialise advanced materials technologies. He worked his way up to Director of New Ventues at AEA Technology, then led Stanelco into biopolymers and turned AFC Energy plc around before becoming Chairman of Versarien plc (metal foams, carbides, and graphene). Hi-tech businesses such as HotZone Technologies (advanced ceramics) benefit from his input. Ian’s revolutionised many businesses and keeps the wheels turning at his old water mill, which is currently/constantly undergoing restoration.

Hannah Field

Hannah Field

Initially Hannah joined Rapid Powders as a Process Technologist and is now Operations Manager. Following completion of her AAT qualifications she’s studying a degree in Business & Operations Management, to add to her degree in Geography and Heritage Conservation – which could prove useful to Ian’s water mill project! Not only a wizard in SLS powder upcycling, Hannah is also renowned for crafting icing powder into family party centrepieces.

Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe

Martin is Rapid Powder’s Business Development Manager. He also takes responsibility for market analysis and commercial development of Rapid Powder’s emerging technology. Martin has worked with some of the world’s largest companies across global markets, including 3M, Dyson, Virgin Rail, TFL, and the MOD. Martin’s keen interest in all things engineering, extends to vintage and classic cars.